In Commemoration of the Inauguration of JABPE

Photo Keizo Inoue
Chief Director
General Incorporated Association "Japan Accreditation Board for Pharmaceutical Education“

With the commencement of the 6-year pharmacy education system from the academic year of 2006, the Central Council for Education requested the construction of a system for third-party evaluation of pharmacy education programs. In response to the request, examination had been carried out mainly by the Pharmaceutical Education Evaluation Review Committee, established under the University Faculty Conference for the Pharmaceutical Education Reform in the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan and by the Pharmaceutical Evaluation Committee of the Association of Presidents & Deans of Japanese Schools of Pharmacy.
On December 10, 2008 Japan Accreditation Board for Pharmaceutical Education ("JABPE") was formally inaugurated as a general incorporated association. The pharmaceutical education curriculum comprises the 6-year and 4-year courses, but for the meantime JABPE will conduct the evaluation of only the 6-year pharmacy education system and contribute to the enrichment and development of pharmaceutical education, and thereby aim to develop pharmacists who are truly trusted by society as medical professionals.
JABPE will conduct a full-scale evaluation from March 2012, when the 6-year pharmacy education system is completed. Before this evaluation starts, individual colleges and faculties of pharmacy are requested to carry out a self-evaluation based on evaluation criteria and to announce the results of this evaluation, as unanimously resolved by the Association of Presidents & Deans of Japanese Schools of Pharmacy. This self-evaluation is called "Self-Evaluation 21" and aims to show society through self-evaluation that colleges and faculties of pharmacy are providing enough education to respond to the participatory practical training in hospitals and pharmacies, which is incorporated in the 6-year curriculum starting in May 2010. In Self-Evaluation 21, a self-evaluation report, which includes the results of self-rating, is also provided to JABPE from each college and faculty. By analyzing these reports, JABPE will prepare for the implementation of its evaluation activities.
In the proposal of the Central Council for Education, titled, "Toward the Construction of a Bachelor Course Education" (October 2008), field-specific evaluation by a third party is mentioned as an important issue in the future and universities, colleges, and associated organizations are expected to build a system to guarantee the quality of education according to each field. Under such circumstances, as far as faculty basis is concerned, JABPE is the first organization established in Japan as a voluntary effort to maintain and improve the quality of field-specific education.
There are many issues facing us in a starting full-scale evaluation. In order to develop high quality pharmacists based on your understanding and cooperation, we will contribute to the improvement and development of pharmaceutical education. We appreciate your support for our activities.

(December 2008)