Outline of JABPE

Objective and Projects


The objective of this Incorporated Association ("JABPE") is to contribute to medical care, public health, and welfare for Japanese citizens by conducting the fair and proper evaluation of pharmaceutical education programs, etc. in order to guarantee the quality of education provided by pharmaceutical education institutions in Japan and thereby enriching and improving education and research activities.


JABPE will perform the following projects across the country in order to achieve the objective set forth in the preceding article.

■Evaluation of pharmaceutical education programs.
■ Education for the enrichment and improvement of pharmaceutical education programs.
■ Research and study concerning the enrichment and improvement of pharmaceutical education programs.
■ Publication of journals, academic books, etc. concerning pharmaceutical education programs.
■ Information exchange and cooperation with various related organizations.
■ Other projects necessary to achieve the objective of JABPE.

Summary of Annual Plan

March 2008 Briefing is to be held for future activities
April 2008 Foundation of Japan Accreditation Board for Pharmaceutical Education
April 2010 Each university will announce "Self-Evaluation 21."
October 2011 Publish the evaluation standards 2011
April 2012 Start of full-scale evaluation in the third-party evaluation of pharmaceutical education
March 2018 Publish the evaluation standards 2018

 It is essential to conduct third-party evaluation, which is a condition for securing the reasonableness of acts by pharmacy students in practical training.

History up to the foundation of JABPE

Dec. 2004 Started examination for implementing third-party evaluation as field-specific evaluation
Aug. 2006 The committee of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, which includes persons of experience or academic standing formulated and presented a draft of evaluation criteria.
March 2007 Held a briefing session to explain the draft of evaluation criteria at two locations in cooperation with the committee of the Association of Presidents & Deans of Japanese Schools of Pharmacy.
April 2007 Conducted a questionnaire survey to colleges about the draft of criteria evaluation.
Dec. 2007 Presented the third party evaluation criteria and foundation of JABPE was decided. A foundation preparatory committee was formed.
April 2008 Formed a preparatory committee for foundation of JABPE.
Aug. 2008 Held the second workshop concerning the third party evaluation of pharmaceutical education.
Dec. 2008 General Incorporated Association, Japan Accreditation Board for Pharmaceutical Education, was founded.